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Cheese & Charcuterie Board

servingServes 6

A wonderful selection of Charcuterie, Cheese, Crackers and Plum and Apple Relish. Serrano Ham has a wonderful deep rich nutty aromatic flavour that resonates in the mouth. Salchichon Salami has a delicate sweet taste and Chorizo Salami has a Spicy Smokey Flavour .Blue Stilton is the classic English Cheese with a rich mellow flavour that has a salty nutty finish. Manchego has and intense taste with a crumbly texture that is rich full and slightly salty. Irish Brie has a creamy, buttery flavour with hints of pastures and a beautiful mushroomy aftertaste .All these together with Italian Crackers and Plum and Apple Relish is just a perfect combination.

€ 28.00

(€ 4.67 per person)



Egg,  Milk,  Soya,  Wheat,  Sulphites.

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